Clemta: All-in-One Platform for Entrepreneurs Expanding into the US and Global Market

Against a backdrop of 5.5 million new businesses created in the US in 2023, leading company formation and financial management platform Clemta continues its global expansion via technical infrastructure development and adding Arabic language support. The Certified Acceptance Agent recognized by the IRS (i.e., US federal tax authority) now reaches entrepreneurs from over 140 countries and offers every business solution a company may need while expanding to the US and global market.

MENA Newswire: Dubai — Clemta, the one-stop-shop for global entrepreneurs incorporating in the US, has announced significant updates aimed at enhancing its user experience and expanding its international reach. The Certified Acceptance Agent recognized by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), is now available in Arabic, catering to entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

As an all-in-one platform, Clemta offers a complete range of services that simplify starting and managing a business globally. Entrepreneurs benefit from streamlined company formation, as well as tax filing, accounting, trademark registration, and company structuring. Clemta ensures that business operations are efficient, reducing the complexity and cost traditionally associated with these tasks.

5.5 million new businesses were created in the United States in 2023

According to the Commerce Institute, 5.5 million businesses were created in America last year. Against this backdrop, Clemta has seen a 433% increase in the number of customers in the past year, reflecting its growing popularity and the effectiveness of its comprehensive services.

“Clemta aims to be at the forefront of innovation to help entrepreneurs succeed on the global stage. Our goal is not only to make it easier to start a company in the United States, but also to provide the infrastructure for entrepreneurs around the world to grow and manage their businesses. With our ever-evolving technology and expanding range of services, we aim to set new standards in the international business world, especially for small businesses.” said M. İlayda Şencan, CEO of Clemta.

Fosters a more inclusive business environment

By providing multilingual services, Clemta aims to reach more entrepreneurs, particularly in MENA, fostering a more inclusive business environment. Clemta has committed to making its services accessible to a broader audience in the region by recently adding Arabic language support. Automating processes enables entrepreneurs to save time and money, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses. The platform’s user-friendly interface and expert support ensure that entrepreneurs can navigate complex legal and bureaucratic requirements with confidence.

Since its inception in 2021, Clemta has supported over 7,000 entrepreneurs from more than 140+ countries. The company has positioned itself as a trusted partner for startups, e-commerce businesses, and freelancers by constantly improving its services and automating each step. The platform’s ability to cater to diverse business needs makes it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs worldwide.

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