Takwene: The Powerhouse Behind Wegz, Omar Kamal, Marwan Pablo, and More, Now at the Forefront of Global Music Collaboration

  • Shaping the future of music in MENA through global music industry collaborations 
  • Takwene’s pioneering role as the sole representative from MENA at the annual Music Biz 2024 Conference amplifies the region’s voice on the global music stage.

MENA NewswireDubai, UAE   Takwene, a leading digital distributor, multi-channel network (MCN), and independent record label dedicated to supporting talents and artists across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), announced its participation in the prestigious Music Biz 2024 Conference, which was hosted by the Music Business Association in Nashville, United States of America.

Music Biz is a flagship annual event in the music industry hosted by the Music Business Association and gathers global leaders and professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss trends, address common challenges, showcase products, and build networks. With a solid commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Music Biz reflects the industry’s global diversity in its initiatives and leadership. As a platform representing over 90% of the music sector, it plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future and is recognized as the world’s largest industry event.

A monumental step for the MENA Region

Ahmed Raafat, General Manager, Takwene, said: “Being the first MENA entity to participate in the Music Biz 2024 Conference highlights our commitment to nurturing creativity and supporting artists. This milestone establishes Takwene as a trailblazer in the region and a significant contributor to the global music industry. We proudly represent the MENA region’s voice on the biggest and most influential global music stage.”

MENA’s rich cultural heritage to integrate into the global music industry

“Our goal is to ensure that MENA’s rich cultural heritage and diverse talents are recognized and integrated into the global music industry,” he concluded.

Takwene has a track record of notable achievements, representing top artists such as Wegz, Omar Kamal, Lege-cy, Artmasta, and Muslim.

Since its inception in 2011, Takwene has been dedicated to empowering talent and fostering creativity in the digital age. As a leading MCN and distributor in the MENA region, Takwene provides comprehensive support for artists, helping them navigate the evolving music landscape and reach new heights.

 About Takwene

Takwene, the Arabic word for “create”, is a leading multi-channel network (MCN) and distributor dedicated to providing comprehensive support and empowerment for artists across the Middle East and North Africa. Since its inception in 2011, Takwene has been at the forefront of empowering talent and fostering creativity in the digital age.

Contact: Ayah Hamouda

Email: A.hamouda@takwene.com